Biton has three introduction periods, or IKs, in a year. For 2019-2020, the dates for these IKs are

  • IK1: August 23th through September 3st
  • IK2: September 30th through October 15th
  • IK3: February 2022, exact date to be determined.

During these introduction periods, you’ll get to know everything about Biton, its members, and the association itself. It’s a fun time meant for making friends and being yourself. You’ll feel right at home in no time.

What happens during an IK?

All fun and no hazing! Introductions are made up of two three-day camps and many days of activities in and around our Society Pub meant to get to know eachother. To join our association, this introduction period and of course paying your membership fee are your only obligations. If, due to circumstances surrounding personal matters or your studies you have to miss part of the introduction, arrangements can be made. Make sure to discuss this with the head of the IK-committee and try not to miss too much.

On the first day, you’ll be divided into groups of a two to four aspiring members, and be assigned three mentors that will be your guides for the introduction. They will make sure all your questions are answered and your IK is as fun as it can be!

Together with all of the other first-years, a few members and everyone who’s involved with the IK in some way, you’ll leave to the nearby forests. There we’ll have a weekend helping out our local forest rangers with maintenance of the woods. Of course there’s always the option to be partying at night. Chopping down trees sounds like a lot of hard work, but it’s also a good opportunity to talk with your fellow first-years and older members. Everyone present works together and has fun – you’re not expected to work any harder than the rest of those coming along are!

After this camp, there’s five days of activities in and around Biton that’ll familiarize you with the association, its committees, “disputen” and clubs and, of course, lots of partying.

After that is another three-day camp meant solely for relaxing and having fun. Activities will be arranged, but everything is optional. You want to sit on a couch and play games all day? You can!

The second week is focused on getting to know the older members, and you’ll also learn information that will be kept secret until then. After that, you’ll be officially and ceremonially admitted to the association. The IK ends with a huge party.

How long are the days during the IK?

That depends on what IK you’re attending. The first IK, the one in August, starts at 2PM every day and lasts until 11PM. Since IK2 and IK3 are during schooldays, they have activities starting at 5PM and ending at 11PM.

Where can I sign up?

If you’re attending the UIT in the summer vacation, you can come by anytime to sign up! If not, you can phone ahead and we’ll make an appointment so you can come over and sign up.

If you have any questions you can »contact us.